You Are Collateral In A Gang Turf War of National Proportion

Every major US city is plagued by gang violence. While there are a number of proper gangs, this world is dominated by two in particular: the bloods – most recognizable by their red colors, and the crips – most recognizable by their blue colors. There is one city in particular where the gang violence affects us all, and that city is Washington, D.C. The gangs there are also recognizable by their ‘colors’ but they’re not bloods or crips. They are republicans and democrats. And their never-ending beef with one another hurts us all in the way of egregious taxes, disastrous policy, a broken economy, and comprehensive dysfunction.

Look no further than the recent government shutdown; republicans sought to stymie funding of obamacare – an ill-fated democrat brainchild – through refusing to raise the debt ceiling. Their obstinacy ground the entire federal leviathan to a halt. Ignore for the time being that our government depends on increasing debt to merely keep the operation running. We will see this turf war happen again in just a few short months and as much as I would like to say government shutdowns don’t matter, they most certainly do. Primarily because our government has grown so entangled in our economic affairs that when it shuts down there are real consequences. Businesses selling goods and services to the federal government recognize no revenue. National Parks – which we the people own – are closed to tourism. Industries subject to federal inspection due to regulation are forced to halt production. These are concrete examples but more abstractly the notion that gangsters – I’m sorry, ‘politicians’ – would be so willing to use us all as collateral in their turf war shows what little regard they have for their constituents. There is no right or wrong in this mess, they’re all malcontents.

It is time to evict these gangsters from the offices they hold. How? For starters I suggest you adopt a policy of voting ALL incumbent gangsters out of office. Regardless of which color they fly, red or blue, every politician who has been in office should be replaced after one term. The only reason they wage their turf wars is to preserve and extend their time in office. Once they’re voted in, they care only about being re-elected. So they adopt policies and positions that are most expedient in ensuring that result whether it’s good for their constituents or not. And every American is caught in the crossfire. So vote them out, every last one of them. It’s a disgrace that congress men and women maintain their offices for decades. By adopting an all-incumbents-must-go voting policy, you will also be putting the newly elected on notice that they will enjoy just one term so they might as well do what’s right instead of what’s expedient for their career. We have a beautiful opportunity to do this every four years during the mid-term elections for congress, so start sniffing for the foul incumbents who are ripe for replacement in 2014.

To take it a step further you might consider running for yourself as a write-in candidate. Whether you seriously want to win or not, you will probably get at least one vote from yourself. And in the process you will deprive both gangs of that one vote. That individual ethos times thousands or millions will eventually reach critical mass and disrupt the status quo with great effect. If you are not legally qualified to run or do not wish to bother with the effort, vote for another write-in candidate. After all it can’t be worse than what we’ve already got, can it?! I’ve posted several times about my own write-in campaign as it relates to the Presidential election in 2016. Adopt my strategy as your own or feel free to support me if you live in any of the 26 states I’m running.

Whatever you do, stop enabling the gang violence in Washington D.C. and refuse to be treated as collateral in their turf wars. Not casting a vote at all just leaves it in the hands of the more extreme voters on both sides. You deserve more as a voter and you’re entitled to more as a U.S. citizen. So vote the incumbents out, run for yourself, or find another write-in candidate and cast your vote for them.


2 thoughts on “You Are Collateral In A Gang Turf War of National Proportion

    1. coreysterner Post author

      Great question Giles. I intend to flesh out my entire platform, issue by issue, throughout this year and next leading up to the general election so stay tuned. At a high level, my stance on positions is governed by the American citizen’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So my positions are meant to support those primary ideals. That said, my purpose for this project isn’t to persuade anyone to vote for me. It is simply to run for myself, according to my ideals, and to show others that they don’t have to throw their vote away on candidates they don’t like. If my own platform is of more interest to a voter than that of other candidates, and that voter wants to write my name in on their ballot, so be it. I will deeply appreciate every vote I earn. Take care, Corey


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