Just Happy To Be Here

It’s been 3 long years since I last posted here. And in that time the incessant whining and hysterical shrieking in American politics has only intensified. If I was invested in either major party it might bother me, but since I turned my back on that two-tent circus 11 years ago I tend to view it all as an amusing farce. The most troubling thing I see is the blatant censorship and ‘de-platforming’ of right-of-center voices by the likes of Google, facebook, twitter, etc. This is cause for real concern. If The Left is so convinced that its beliefs and worldview are superior and noble, then it should encourage an open marketplace for ideas and speech. Simply stifling political dissent is a repugnant hallmark of authoritarian regimes. De-platforming anything but “goodthink” (we should all be reading 1984 annually!) says more to me about The Left’s insecurity with the logic in its arguments. The Left is terrified by opposing thought. Rather than compete and win mindshare, it wants to rig the game.

“The Middle” has all but disappeared for politicians but I remain convinced that it endures with voters. This is a sad disconnect because it all but guarantees that we won’t see POTUS candidates that represent the moderate among us. Whereas a majority of voters are fairly moderate and level-headed, the choice of candidates they will have come November of 2020 are guaranteed to be firebrands and extremist from both directions. Most Americans will again (right as rain!) sacrifice the bulk of their own beliefs to vote for what they believe will be ‘the lesser of two evils’.

But I digress. I’m not checking in here to rant, or lament the appalling trend toward socialism, or fume about the shredded state of our social fabric. I’m just posting to let anyone know (who cares) that I am indeed running again in 2020! No idea in which states beyond Colorado yet, but I’ll flesh that out over the next 12 months.

In the meantime let me share one of my favorite political songs by Todd Snider:

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